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Prosecution for rape committed to Australian citizen
A young Australian lady was the victim of sexual assault during the summer of 2017 happened in Positano. Due to the absence of help by the police force and lack of assistance of a competent translator , the victim returned to his country. In the course of her trip she stopped in London and reported to Londoner police what had happened to her in Italy. When she returned to Australia, she contacted the chairman of the legal firm, who immediately filed a complaint to the competent prosecutor office. However, the prosecutor requested to dismiss the case on the basis of the statements of the suspect to have committed the offence, who denied the responsibilities. Mr Iorio lodged an opposition to the judge, who rejected the prosecutor request and ordered the prosecutor to continue the investigation in order to prosecute the responsible of the rape.
Ne bis in idem. France and Italy
A criminal case was opened in France for criminal association against five Italian entrepreneurs. Following the transmission of information between the French judicial authority and the Italian judicial authority, this last opened another case in Italy for the same facts. The case is still on going in which the defence raised the violation of the principle of " ne bis in idem".
International class action
In his capacity of international company's counsel, Mr. Iorio has started a class action in the USA against a Singaporean company. Such company was responsible for breaches the contract stipulated with photovoltaic panels privates owners. The panels were leased to the company for the production of alternative energy. Moreover, the defence lodged a complaint toward the USA authorities against the company. Another action will be taken in the specific countries where private investors are located.
Mandate for international seizure.
Following a criminal case already opened in Italy, by virtue of framework decision, assets located in another country of the European Union have been seized.
Extradition from Romania
C.V. is a Romanian citizen. Romania issued an EAW against C.V. who was immediately arrested. By a decision of 28/8/2017 the Court of Appeal of Rome ordered his release.
Albania - Ireland
L.S. is an Albanian citizen. In 2013 he was arrested in Bulgaria on the basis of an international arrest warrant issued in Italy, following a sentence to 15 years of imprisonment issued against him in absentia. After a long judicial battle, the case was reopened and the sentence was revoked. The defendant was released. The brother-in-law of Mr L.S. , living in Ireland also involved in the same case, was sentenced to 13 years of imprisonment. The Italian government issued an EAW and requested his extradition. By judgment of February 2017, the Court of the Sheriff of Dublin rejected the request for Italian government.
Extradition from Columbia
EFV Columbian citizen was convicted in absentia by Italian judicial authority and arrested in Bogotà following an extradition request filed by Italy. Mr EFV filed a request to reopen the case, which was refused by the Court of Appeal. Following an appeal, the Court of cassation quashed the decision of the Court of appeal. This latter jurisdiction annulled the conviction and reopened the case, whilst the extradition was given up. The applicant was released.
Ne bis in idem
Two Italians citizens were accused by the French judicial authority for offences previously tried in another country. Nevertheless an EAW was issued against them, which was refused by Italian J.A. Following a defence's application filed by virtue of article 54 of Schengen Treaty, the EAW was withdrawn and the case was dismissed by the French Court.
The firm pursued in Belarus hacker responsible for having introduced in protected information systems.
An extradition request from Argentina is suspended.
An Italian company, victim of an international scam committed in Bulgaria, assisted by Iorio law firm, has filed a complaint at judicial authority of Sofia.
Appointed legal adviser by the World Global Network Corporation Florida USA in all matters of international law
An International Case
The firm has acted on behalf of a Belgium company in an international case against a Northern Africa sovereign state, who lost the case. The Sovereign State has also lodged an opposition by virtue of the European Regulation 44/2001 against the recognition of the Belgium judgement, but the opposition was rejected.
U.F. is an Italian citizen living in Columbia for 13 years. On 2011 he was arrested following a conviction to 25 years of imprisonment issued in absentia by Italian judicial authorities for international drug trafficking. Following his extradition U.F. applied to reopen his case and to revoke the conviction.
An International Case
The firm was appointed as counsel by a Belgium company in an international case against a Northern Africa sovereign state. The case ended with the victory of the European company.
RF Australian citizen was sentenced in absentia to 12 years and 9 months of imprisonment. Extradited to Italy Mr RF was rebuffed to reopen his case, but the Court of Cassation quashed the decision and revoked the enforceability of the judgment by granting the right of the appeal. The Court of Appeal of Rome in its judgment of 26 September 2013 has overturned the conviction.
Following the legal services provided by the law firm, the Italian citizen RB entrepreneur in Thailand, has summoned up the courage to report unlawful conducts schemed behind his back. The case is now under consideration of the National Anti Corruption Authority.
GVO an Italian citizen was arrested by the French police for an international traffic of stolen cars was released and returned to his country. Mr Iorio dealt with the case which was defined with a penalty not over the already served the preventive detention.
United Kingdom
FS Italian citizen was accused of an improper rape. The case was closed with a no further issued by local police authority.
Reopen a criminal case
SA an Albanian citizen was sentenced in absentia by the Italian judicial authority to a penalty of 8 years imprisonment. He was subsequently extradited to Italy to serve the sentence. An application to reopen the case was rejected but as a result of an appeal to the Supreme Court in Italy, proposed by Mr Iorio, S.A. was allowed to lodge an appeal and his case was reopened. The sentence was quashed and the applicant was released after having served three years of illegal detention.
C.A. an Italian citizen, very fond of bikes went to Belgium to take part in an International bike competition. At the end of his stay and on his way back to the airport with a friend, C.A. stopped at a supermarket to buy some souvenirs on his way to Brussels airport. The following night the supermarket was burgled and C.A. was accused of the robbery. The supporting evidence was a CCTV (closed circuit camera) which had showed two people without identifying them. Following a long investigation C.A. was finally acquitted.
Transferred from U.S.A.
E.I an Italian citizen was sentenced in USA to a penalty of 8 years imprisonment. Following a long and exhausting battle with the US authorities which did not want to transfer him, the applicant was transferred to Italy as provide for by the Convention of Strasbourg 1983.
European company defence
The office also acted on behalf of a European company, which won a case against an African country convicted to pay many millions of Euro.
Extradition request
D.F. an American citizen married to an Italian citizen was requested by the US authorities for tax evasion. After having challenge the US request and proved that the request didn't comply with the Italian constitutional principles the extradition request was rejected and D. F. remained in Italy with his wife.
Ropen a criminal case because of a sentence in absentia to 23 years
Mr E.V. an Albanian citizen sentenced in absentia in Italy to 23 years of imprisonment on 2011 he was granted to revoke the sentence and to reopen the case thanks to Mr Iorio assistance.
A criminal case in United Arab Emirates
In 1988 three Italians were arrested and detained in Dubai central prison for forgery and fraud. Mr Iorio was contacted by family of the defendants and travelled to Dubai where he obtained permission to deal with the case from the Court in Dubai. Within 14 days the case was fixed for trial and the Italians were released after receiving a suspended sentence.
Arrested in Brazil by virtue of an extradition request coming from Italy
V.d.B., a Belgium citizen, was arrested in Brazil following an international arrest warrant, issued by the Italian Government, in respect of a drug trafficking conviction and 7 year prison sentence passed by the Italian Court in his absence (in absentia). After challenging the extradition request, Mr Iorio succeeded to re-open the case, and by virtue of the Schengen Treaty, obtained the annulment of the conviction.
Extradition towards Iran
J.T., an Iranian citizen, resident in Italy for 15 years, was arrested because a warrant, issued by the Iranian Judicial Authority, existed against him for fraud and misappropriation. Mr Iorio represented Mr J.T. for the extradition case and, after a very long trial, won the case and Mr J.T. remained in Italy.
Refusal of visa
MY, Turkish entrepreneur, had asked the Italian consular authorities to issue a visa to Italy. A control at SIS revealed that against the applicant was pending a criminal proceedings in Germany. Consequently the visa was refused. Mr,. M.Y. claimed to never having been in Germany and appointed Mr Iorio as his counsel. Mr Iorio went to Turkey to take the fingerprints of MY, which were compared with those in the archives of the German police. The fingerprints turned out different. Accordingly Mr M.Y. counsel obtained an order by which the Administrative Court of Rome ruled visa to be granted.
Deportation of a Tamil
L.G. a Sri Lankan citizen lived in Italy for some years, with a valid visa issued by international authorities under the Geneva Convention. L.G. was informed of the death of his brother who lived in Germany, where he went immediately. During the trip he was controlled by the German police, to which LG did not show his identity for fear of being deported to his country of origin, where there was a bloody civil war. Following the arrest L.G. was transferred to the detention center of Dortmund. Mr L.G. retained as his counsel Mr Iorio who went to Germany where he was able to avoid the expulsion of LG to his country of origin, where he could have risked his life.
A criminal case in USA
B.A. was wanted by the American Authority for 5 federal offences. B.A. appointed Mr Iorio to deal with the case. Mr Iorio contacted the American authorities in order to plan Mr B.A. 's surrender and to avoid a long and distressful extradition proceedings. At the time of his arrival in the US Mr B.A. was not held in custody, but released on bail. The criminal case ended with a guilty plea and a sentencing of 30 days.
Reopen a criminal case
Mr A.A. a Kosovar citizen sentenced in absentia in Italy to 6 years and half of imprisonment on 2010 he was granted to revoke the sentence and reopen the case thanks to Mr Iorio assistance.
Transferred from U.S.A.
A.G. an Italian citizen sentenced in U.S.A. to 20 years of imprisonment after having lodged many unsuccessful applications to be transferred to his country of origin, thanks to Mr Iorio legal services, on 2009 he eventually saw granted his request.
EAW Italy- Belgium
C.C. a Belgium citizen was arrested in Brussels in March 2009 by a European Arrest Warrant issued by Italian Judicial Authority. Mrs C.C. expressed her consent to the extradition and she appointed Mr Iorio as her counsel. Mr Iorio lodged an appeal against the arrest warrant, which was quashed by the Appeal Court and Mrs C.C. was released immediately.Unfortunately she served unjustly approximately 40 days in custody.
Extradition from Thailand
In 2003 R.F. an Australian citizen was detained in a jail in Thailand charged with purported offences committed in Thailand. During his detention Mr R.F. was served by an Italian extradition request in relation to a conviction issued against him in absentia in 1998. The penalty for that case was 12 years and 9 months! The extradition was carried out in October 2006. After Mr R.F.'s surrender Mr Iorio was appointed in the case and he immediately found out that a mistake had been committed by the Italian Court at the time of the trial. Mr Iorio also contacted the Italian Embassy in Bangkok to get documents and information on the case. Mr Iorio lodged an application to the Criminal Court who issued the conviction but was rejected. Against this decision Mr Iorio lodged an appeal to the "Cassation Court" who upheld the appeal. Unfortunately this ruling was not complied with by the Court and Mr Iorio was compelled to lodge another appeal to the Cassation Court. The latter Court issued a second ruling that was not respected by the Court of the merit. Finally following a third appeal the Cassation ruled that the conviction should have been annulled and Mr RF was released straightaway.
20 years of imprisonment to be revoked
The sentenced was a Rumanian tried in absentia. I.T. is a Rumanian citizen. On the basis of an E.A.W. issued by Italy I.T. was arrested on 26th August 2009 and extradited from Rumania. Arrived to Italy the transferred detainee appointed Mr Iorio, who immediately applied on Mr I.T.' behalf for sentence revocation and to re-open the case on the ground the person was tried and sentenced in absentia. The Court of Trieste who previously dealt with case on the merit shared Mr Iorio' application and ordered Mr I.T. release.
EAW Italy-Portugal
R.G.A.M. a Portuguese citizen in July 2008 was to be arrested on the basis of a European Arrest Warrant issued by Italian judicial authority in a case that involved people from different countries in Europe. Mr Iorio with the co-operation of his Portuguese colleagues challenged the EAW to avoid an unfair arrest. Indeed in 2006 an Act of Italian Parliament came into force granting a reduction of 3 years for any criminal case. This legislation was applicable also to the RGAM case. After 10 months the EAW was revoked and Mrs RGAM was not detained unfairly.
Death penalty in Thailand
Mr A.D.C., an Italian citizen, was detained in a Bangkok prison for 13 years convicted of drug trafficking 3 kilos of cocaine and sentenced to the death penalty, which was converted to 40 years of imprisonment. Mr Iorio took on the case and succeeded to transfer the detainee to Italy where he served his remaining sentence. In August 2006 Mr A.D.C. was finally released.
Extradition case concerning London bombings of July 2005
On the 31st July 2005 t he Ethiopian citizen I.H., wanted for the London underground blasts, fled from England. After absconding to Europe, he sought refuge in RomeUnited Kingdom 43 days later. Mr I.H. was eventually tried before the British Court where he was arrested by Italian police and detained. Mr Iorio represented in the extradition proceedings the British Government and Mr I.H. was extradited to the and convicted of serious terrorism offences.
Security Court of Istanbul
This criminal case was dealt with before the State Security Criminal Court of Istanbul. The case concerned a Turkish citizen accused of being a member of a mafia criminal association. The defendant was a writer and leader of a religious movement. Mr Iorio was invited to attend the trial as an international observer. As the offence was introduced into Turkish legislation following the Italian experience, Mr Iorio produced his own opinion on the offence as well as different opinions written by eminent Italian jurists. Subsequently, the Court dismissed the case.
An Italian involved in a criminal case in Scotland
Mr B. was arrested for dangerous driving and released on bail. Few months later the trial begun and Mr B. appointed Mr Iorio as his counsel to deal with the case. The case was positively concluded. The defense counsel persuaded the prosecutor to change the charge from dangerous driving to careless driving, which is punished only by a fine. The previous s offence provided a penalty up to 5 years of imprisonment.
A British citizen, a mother of two young children, was arrested for drug trafficking
In 1998, while on holiday with her two young children, Mrs R.S., a British citizen, was arrested by the Italian police of Milano Marittima and detained. Mrs. R.S. had previously been tried "in absentia" on drug trafficking charges and sentenced to 11 years imprisonment by the Italian Court of Naples. However, Mrs R.S., who lived in England, had no knowledge of the Court proceedings or of her conviction and Mr Irorio accepted the case. Mrs R.S. was released and returned to the UK.


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